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Sustainable mobility

Eni gas e luce and Be Charge sign an agreement to accelerate the transition to electric mobility

In accordance with Eni's decarbonisation and energy transition strategy, through which it aims to become a leader in the sale of low carbon impact of products by 2050, Eni gas e luce announces today the signing of an agreement with Be Charge dedicated to the development of charging infrastructures for electric mobility. The company is part of the Be Power Group S.p.A.

The agreement with Be Charge provides for the nationwide installation of co-branded public charging stations for electric vehicles.  The charging station will be powered by renewable energy, supplied by Eni gas e luce, certified by guarantees of European origin, fed into the grid and produced by plants powered 100% by renewable sources. The joint commitment, the growth of the charging network and the increasingly cutting-edge services aim to accelerate the transition to increasingly sustainable and electric mobility.

From March 2021, all electric car owners in Italy will benefit from a 50% discount on the first charge at one of these stations using the Be Charge charging app. Further benefits will be given to Eni gas e luce customers.

Be Charge is currently the second largest national operator of the charging network in Italy in terms of size and power. The agreement with Eni gas e luce will further accelerate the growth of the infrastructure which currently has over 3,000 charging points installed and over 3,500 under construction, both in alternating current from 22 kW and in direct current with powers from 75 kW to 300 kW.

Thanks to the partnership with Be Charge, Eni gas e luce adds public charging columns to its range of products for electric vehicles. In 2019, Eni gas e luce officially entered the sustainable mobility sector with E-start, an offer dedicated to residential and business customers. The offer includes Wallbox, the wall-mounted charging solution compatible with all electric car models, and E-Start Hubs, that offers services for charging electric cars and corporate fleets that can be customized according to the needs of your business.

“Thanks to Be Charge, Eni gas e luce adds the possibility to recharge your electric car on public ground to the range of services dedicated to electric mobility, launched a year ago”, commented Alberto Chiarini, CEO of Eni gas e luce. “Through this partnership, we want to allow electric cars owners to recharge their cars wherever they are, even if they are away from home or from their office. Our focus is to promote sustainable mobility, a key element for the energy transition and which we want to contribute through the deployment of charging systems and infrastructure for their management. In addition, we will provide the Be Charge charging points with electricity from 100% renewable sources”.

“The partnership with Eni gas e luce strengthens Be Charge's leadership position, marking an important step in the growth path of the increasingly innovative charging network and charging services, via the App and beyond, for a more conscious and forward-looking mobility system in Italy” said Paolo Martini, CEO of Be Charge. “The partnership is a further step toward a consolidation of our expansion strategy. 2021 already saw a significant increase in recharging points in the area, the installation of more powerful charging infrastructure and openness to electric mobility without borders in other European countries too”.

Eni gas e luce confirms its commitment to support residential and business customers towards a more conscious use of energy through partnerships, acquisitions and innovative solutions in the name of sustainability and a simplification of the customer experience.

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