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Our energies for change

We are dedicated to facilitating the energy transition process.

Plenitude’s commitment to renewable sources

In a world that's constantly evolving, promoting a socially fair and sustainable energy transition is a challenge we face every day. Through our operations, we work towards achieving carbon neutrality, starting with our own energy production. This is why we offer a distinctive, integrated business model that combines established technologies with new solutions, including strategic joint ventures.


The technologies we’re investing in for the future of renewables

The renewable energy we produce, primarily from wind and solar power, comes from dedicated infrastructure that we either own or manage, providing both technological and geographic diversification.


By assembling multiple photovoltaic modules, we harness solar light to generate energy and make use of abandoned areas on former Eni group’s production sites.
Onshore and offshore wind farms
We have installed and will continue to install our wind farms on land and at sea to make the most of wind energy.
We will always have our energy storage systems at our disposal no matter what happens with nature.


We leverage our extensive experience and investments to support energy transition initiatives and have facilities in various countries around the world.

Our international expansion

Since 2015, we have been active in the renewable energy sector, now managing over 150 Utility Scale1 plants worldwide. We began in Italy and Kazakhstan, and then, through a series of acquisitions and corporate reorganisations, we expanded our operations to several countries including France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Norway, the US and Australia.

Explore the world with Plenitude

Here are some of our key projects and partnerships.

Our plants
in Italy


 Large-scale photovoltaic installations are generally installed on the ground.