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Growing to change our perspective on energy together: we serve more than 10 million customers across 6 countries and combine market growth with an increasingly broad offering.

We purchase and sell electricity and gas to residential and business customers.

We offer to our customers electricity certified by European Guarantees of Origin with the option to enter into contracts that involve offsetting CO₂ Scope 3 emissions - those resulting from gas consumed by customers.

Thanks to consistent and open dialogue with our customers, we are committed to discovering new solutions for our products and services, while responding promptly to the needs of our customers and always acting as their ally throughout the process.

> 10 MLN Existing customers
11,5 MLN Targeted customers
by 2027

The offer we are proposing to our customers aims to reduce both their energy costs and the environmental impact of their consumption. Our offer includes a wide range of services for residential customers, such as solutions for heating and cooling, intelligent devices for "smart" home and home insurance solutions. For our business customers, we can identify the most suitable solutions for energy efficiency in our range, even with contractual models that do not provide for initial investments and management costs.

We are also supporting those who choose solar energy for themselves, for their community and for the environment. We are the leader in Italy for distributed generation, with over 14,000 small photovoltaic systems installed.

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Energy from new sustainable sources

We have over 3 GW of active installed capacity.

(Data as of April 2024)


Inspiring new forms of mobility

We are one of the sector’s fastest growing companies with c. 20,000 active charging points and other 228,793 points available through the app both in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

(Data as of April 2024)

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