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Our commitment

to communities


As a Benefit Corporation, Plenitude is committed to creating shared value for the communities and territories where we operate, guided by the common benefit goals outlined in our Statute. To do this, we promote a culture of efficient energy usage that promotes the energy transition, as well as initiatives that contribute to a fair and inclusive local development.

For this reason, we partner with organisations that share the same values and aspiration to build a brighter future.

Non-profit initiatives

As part of our non-profit commitment, we are active in combating energy poverty, educational poverty and promoting social inclusion.

Our projects mainly focus on the following three areas:

Combating energy poverty

Helping families, low-income individuals and third-sector organisations access essential energy services to ensure a dignified standard of living.

Combating educational poverty

Support for children and teenagers from families in a state of social and economic vulnerability, helping them learn, experiment, and develop skills, talents and aspirations.

Social inclusion

Helping marginalised individuals reintegrate into society through support and personal assistance initiatives.

Discover our initiatives in this field:

Caritas: energy for change
To combat educational poverty, we support Caritas Italiana through 10 projects located across Italy and engaging around 600 young people from underprivileged communities in various activities and workshops.

Local development initiatives

We are committed to fostering fair and inclusive socio-economic growth by focusing on the development of local communities and supporting educational initiatives that promote a more conscious use of energy.

Find out more about our projects:

The more I know, the less I consume
Sustainable innovation and digital innovation. These are the essential themes when it comes to promoting a culture of efficient energy use, involving primary school students in a highly educational project.

Open-es: Sustainable supply chain

Plenitude joins Open-es – the systemic initiative for the sustainable grow of all companies.

Plenitude joins Open-es – the systemic initiative for the sustainable grow of all companies.