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HSE Policy

We operate in the renewable energy sector and are committed to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental protection to ensure a safe, healthy and sustainable working environment across all our operations.

The health and safety of our employees, business partners, and the communities we serve, as well as the protection of the environment are top priorities at every stage of our business. We consider the satisfaction of all stakeholders, both within and outside the organisation, as a crucial element for the effective management and enhancement of our HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) processes.

Our HSE policy is guided by the following commitments:

Commitment to Health and Safety

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Prevention first 

Safety is a collective responsibility. We require each member of our team to be actively involved in preventing accidents and injuries by identifying, reporting, and mitigating risks across all activities. In addition, Plenitude is committed to the comprehensive well-being of its staff and partners, safeguarding their health, safety, and mental and physical integrity through specialized campaigns and initiatives.

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Training & Awareness

We provide appropriate, ongoing training to each of our employees with the aim of making each one of us competent in carrying out our activities safely. We promote awareness of risks and best practices to mitigate them through information and awareness programmes.

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Standards and Regulations

We are committed to strictly complying with and adhering to the laws, regulations, and international health and safety standards applicable in every region where we operate.

Commitment to the environment

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Environmental sustainability

We believe in a fair and sustainable transition. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our activities, promoting the responsible use of resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and protecting biodiversity through sustainable management practices.

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We promote energy efficiency and the responsible use of energy resources across our facilities and operations.

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Technological innovation

We develop and implement innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy, actively leading on the path towards the energy transition.

The policy reflects our commitment to a sustainable and prosperous future, for the development and deployment of energy solutions that can both improve people's lives and preserve our planet.