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Valuable partnerships for conscious energy use

Every day, we aim to have a positive impact on the environment and on communities through the conscious use of energy. We believe in the energy transition and are committed to integrating our sustainability goals into our business model, always putting people and our partners first.

This commitment informs our collaborations with local and international entities and institutions that share our mission.

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Play for change, change is a team game
We have teamed up with leading sports and e-sports athletes to promote a more responsible approach to energy in these sectors, both in Italy and abroad. Our partnerships include working with Olimpia Milano basketball team and the gaming house Dsyre, launched by Stardust with the Spanish La Vuelta, to spread awareness of our missions of sustainability and innovation.
The energy transition to the rhythm of music
As a Sustainability Partner, we participate in various European music festivals to help make live music events more sustainable. From urban regeneration initiatives to laser installations powered by renewable energy, we have left our mark in the cities that have hosted some of these festivals. 
The culture of energy
When culture and energy combine, events, exhibitions and installations emerge that raise awareness in communities about the efforts needed for a just and future-proof energy transition.
Plenitude and the partnership with Bergamo, City of Culture 2023
All our events

Explore the events and initiatives we've supported to build value with our partners from all over Europe. 


Senstation On Ice: Light up the holidays with Plenitude.


Bella Family: the ecological and digital transition.

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