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A name that represents the fully integrated nature of our offering and our approach to sustainability, from energy production to responsible use.

Our goal is to be
the best ally
to embrace energy awareness.
We inspire communities to join us and become
ambassadors of change.
We promote
an inclusive culture
to attract and develop talent.
Our business model
We are a Benefit Company, owned by Eni, and we operate in the market with a distinctive model that integrates the production of electricity from renewable sources, providing energy and energy solutions to our customers, and an extensive network of electric vehicle charging points.
Sustainability at our core
We are committed to achieving net zero emissions. We believe in promoting diversity and inclusion in all our operations.
  • 54% solar plants
  • 46% wind farms
  • 40% in Italy
  • 60% abroad
  • Proprietary charging points installed for public access.
  • 2,347 employees as of 31/12/2022 (+16% vs 2011).
  • Plenitude aims to achieve gender parity among its workforce by 2025.
  • Renumeration ratio calculated at the same level of role and seniority (see page 20 of the 2022 Sustainability Report).
  • Plenitude aims to achieve gender pay parity by 2025.

*As of December 2022.

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