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Plenitude publishes 2023 financial statements,

Sustainability and Impact Report

Today, Plenitude publishes its financial statements for 2023, as well as its Sustainability and Impact Report.


The 2023 financial year ended with an adjusted operating profit of €515 million and an adjusted net profit of €220 million, both seeing an increase of approximately 50% compared to 2022.

The results were driven by the strong performance of the retail sector and growth in installed renewable capacity and related production, confirming the value generated by the company's integrated business model, with electric mobility expected to make an increasingly important contribution in the coming years.

The Sustainability Report and the Impact Report are both available online on the company's website as an attachment to the financial statements. They detail the transformation process undertaken by Plenitude and the results achieved to serve as an enabler of the energy transition. Plenitude aims to achieve net zero Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions by 2040.

Stefano Goberti, CEO of Plenitude, said: “In 2023, Plenitude achieved exceptional operational and financial growth, reaching a pro forma EBITDA of €0.9 billion, three times higher than in 2018. We are targeting an EBITDA of €1 billion in 2024 and aim to double that to €2 billion in 2027. In addition, as a Benefit Company, we have a long-standing commitment to integrating sustainability principles into our business model, reaffirming our intention to have a positive impact throughout our value chain and in the areas and communities where we operate. We do this through concrete actions, which we have decided to outline in our Sustainability and Impact Report.”

Plenitude, a Benefit Company controlled by Eni, operates in over 15 countries worldwide with a business model that integrates the production of electricity from renewable sources, with over 3 GW of installed capacity, the sale of energy and energy solutions to 10 million European customers, and a widespread network of 20,000 electric vehicle charging points. By 2027, the company aims to reach 11.5 million customers, over 8 GW of renewable capacity and 40,000 installed charging points. 

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