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Renewable energies

GreenIT and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners to develop two offshore wind farms in Italy with 750MW capacity


  • The floating platforms will be realized in Sicily and Sardinia more than 35 km from the respective coasts.
  • The innovative projects will allow to increase the production of green energy and minimise environmental impact, preventing up to 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year, while promoting the growth of the local and national renewable industry.
  • They will produce about 50% of additional energy, with the same power, compared to an onshore wind farm. That is equivalent to the consumption of nearly 750,000 families in the areas interessed by the intervention.

GreenIT, a joint venture between Plenitude and CDP Equity for the production of energy from renewable sources, and CI IV, a fund managed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), have signed an agreement to develop two floating offshore wind farms in Sicily and Sardinia. Both projects are located more than 35 km from the coast and have a total capacity of approximately 750MW.

The agreement refers to the development, construction and operation of a project in Sicily, off the coast of Marsala, consisting of 21 turbines with a power of around 12MW each for a total capacity of around 250MW, and a second wind farm to be developed in the sea area facing the south-western coast of Sardinia, consisting of 42 wind turbines with a power of around 12MW each for a total capacity of more than 500MW.

The two projects will be developed in Sicily with the support of Lilybeo Wind Power S.r.l., and in Sardinia with the support of Nice Technology and 7 Seas Wind, both companies with proven experience in the development of offshore plants as well as minority partners. The wind farms will use floating platforms and implement innovative technological solutions aimed at minimising environmental and visual impact, as well as promoting the development of local and national industry.

The two wind farms will produce more than 2,000 GWh/year, which is equivalent to the average annual energy consumption of approximately 750,000 households in the involved areas that represent an increase of around 50% more than the average output of an onshore wind farm in Italy, at the same average installed capacity.

Operations scheduled to start in 2026 in Sicily and 2028 in Sardinia at the end of the authorization process and following construction.

The initiative will prevent around 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year, thus contributing to the decarbonisation objectives of the 2030 National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan and to the development of the floating offshore wind sector in Italy.This agreement represents an important and strategic step for floating offshore wind projects in Italy, providing a significant contribution towards a low carbon future.

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Plenitude Press Office - Milan