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Eni gas e luce and PayPal announce a collaboration to make paying bills online fast and easy

Eni gas e luce and PayPal have teamed up to allow Eni gas e luce customers to choose PayPal as an alternative digital payment method and pay their bills in a simple, easy, and secure way, through both the Eni gas e luce website and app, without queuing at counters. Thanks to the collaboration, Eni gas e luce will be able to harness a digital payment method that is already used by more than 8.7 active accounts.

This collaboration aims to further improve the experience of Italian customers who have increasingly adopted new digital solutions in the past two years, especially in the utilities space. As of today, it will be possible for Eni gas e luce customers to make bill payments easily, through an intuitive process that is just like making an online purchase by clicking on PayPal as the payment method and completing the transaction securely.

Ensuring a positive, simple, and smooth user experience is imperative for PayPal. It is important, when talking about digital bill payments, that the user knows that the transaction runs smoothly.

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Plenitude Press Office - Milan