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Eni gas e luce chooses the tado° Smart Thermostat solution for its new Smart Home offer

Eni gas e luce and tado° today announce a new partnership: tado°’s Smart Thermostat solution will be part of Eni gas e luce’s Smart Home offer for the Italian market, strengthening the brand’s energy efficiency solutions offering.

The smart home market is experiencing significant growth in Italy and Eni gas e luce aims to diversify its offer of devices by partnering with specialized companies and leaders in specific sectors. For this reason, it has chosen tado°, a young brand already well known in the European market for intelligent home climate management and it is also perfectly in line with Eni gas e luce’s strategy to offer simple solutions for efficient and sustainable homes.

tado° Smart Thermostats can help households save up to 31% of their heating costs, through the use of several energy-saving features. Moreover, with the purchase of an eligible energy-efficient boiler, it is possible to have a 65% reduction of the expense incurred. Also, Eni gas e luce takes care of all of the paperwork to qualify for the Ecobonus reduction, so the customer only pays 35% of the list price up front or in installments and leaves the rest to Eni gas e luce.

"This partnership with a highly recognized and environmentally-conscious brand in Europe such as tado° is strategic for us, and follows Eni gas e luce’s mission to offer innovative and technological solutions to its Italian customers in order to bring them comfort and peace of mind and help them use energy better", says Alberto Chiarini, CEO of Eni gas e luce.

“Eni gas e luce is helping to drive a sustainable home revolution in Italy, and tado° is delighted to be partnering with the company to provide energy-efficient solutions for Italian households at affordable prices,” says tado° CEO Toon Bouten. “Customers who choose Eni gas e luce and tado° will benefit from reduced energy bills as well as more comfort and control of their home climate.”

tado° makes one of the few smart thermostats that rank in the highest class of the European Union’s Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive and in the highest efficiency class due to market-leading modulation capabilities that enables the highly-efficient combustion process inside the boiler. Geofencing ensures that the heating is only on when somebody is actually home, while tado° also turns down the heating to save energy when windows are open and adapts to the weather for maximum efficiency. Users can also benefit from individual multi-room control for additional comfort and savings. Smart thermostats for thermostatic radiator heads and for air conditioning control appliances are just some of the products that will be launched on the Italian market with a dedicated proposal through Eni gas and luce retail channels, and Flagship Stores.

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