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The Plenitude

A gesture of value.

Placing people at the centre is a constant commitment and a fundamental element of our strategy to support community activities and cater to those who wish to dedicate part of their time to others.
The Volunteering Project was launched in 2018 with this vision in mind, giving everyone who works with us the opportunity to spend one paid day per year volunteering with Banco Alimentare, the first foundation to join the initiative.
The strong engagement of our people led us to expand the number of participating associations and the time dedicated to volunteering. The project has since evolved to include two paid days for volunteering, developing new collaborations.

An initiative aligned with our values

The associations that have joined the Project were assessed on how well they align with the company's values, objectives and sustainability strategy. They were also chosen for their commitment to and adherence to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which we wholeheartedly support. Additionally, their widespread presence across the country and their compliance with Legislative Decree 81 on health and safety were crucial factors in their selection.

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The latest developments for 2024

Our current goal is to develop this Project further by involving new associations to provide more tangible support to communities.

Volunteers have engaged in a wide variety of activities: from collecting medicines for children in vulnerable situations at pharmacies across Italy and organising fundraising events in public squares for scientific research and assisting people with multiple sclerosis through product sales. Additionally, volunteers have participated in hands-on activities such as packaging food parcels to reduce waste and support individuals and families in need. Skill-based volunteering has also been significant, with our volunteers offering their expertise to assist those in vulnerable situations.

The associations involved:

  • Fondazione Francesca Rava which helps children, adolescents, vulnerable women and families facing hardships in Italy, Haiti and the world through distance adoption programs, projects, efforts to heighten awareness of children's rights and volunteer activities.

  • AISM, the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association, which for over 50 years has been addressing every facet of multiple sclerosis: from the rights of people with this condition to healthcare services and even funding of scientific research.

  • Fondazione Albero della Vita which helps hundreds of families emerge from poverty by providing practical support to make ends meet, assisting adults in finding jobs and supporting children through the challenges of growth with educational and psychological support.

  • Banco Alimentare, which helps individuals and families in need by providing them with food recovered from surplus, reducing waste.

The activities carried out