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Renewable energies

Plenitude joins the BlueFloat Energy - Sener Renewable Investments partnership for the development of offshore wind projects in Spain

  • The Italian company integrates the production of energy 100% from renewable sources, energy sales and services, and an extensive network of electric vehicle charging points. It brings in the partnership its presence in the Spanish market, its proven track record in the offshore wind European sector and its technical capacity in the development and execution of complex and large-scale projects.
  • BlueFloat Energy, Sener Renewable Investments and Plenitude share a strong commitment to promoting a sustainable offshore wind energy sector in Spain, focusing on local communities and social, environmental and economic benefits.

Plenitude has reached an agreement with BlueFloat Energy and Sener Renewable Investments to join their strategic partnership to advance the development of offshore wind projects in Spain. The agreement with Plenitude bolsters the joint venture formed by BlueFloat and Sener Renewable Investments 3 years ago, creating a leading consortium in the offshore wind sector in Spain with a total portfolio of approximately 1.25 GW of floating offshore wind projects across Galicia (Parque Nordés), Catalonia (Parc Tramuntana) and the Canary Islands (Parque Tarahal).

Plenitude shares the unique portfolio development approach consistently applied by BlueFloat Energy and Sener Renewable Investments, which aspires to carefully integrate environmental and social considerations in the project design and embed the projects within the local communities. In Spain, Plenitude manages 430 MW of solar PV and onshore wind power in operation, 1 GW of projects that are under construction, and more than 2 GW of projects in development. The company also manages a network of electric car charging points and provides electricity and energy services to over 300 thousand customers in the country.

Plenitude operates in 15 countries, with a portfolio of around 3 GW of renewable capacity in operations, an objective of 7 GW capacity expected to be in place by 2026 and more than 15 GW by 2030.

Stefano Goberti, CEO of Plenitude
, said: “Thanks to this agreement, we strengthen our offshore wind portfolio and commitment in the renewables sector in Spain. We are glad to start this collaboration with BlueFloat and Sener Renewable Investments to contribute to the country's energy transition process, through an innovative and high-potential technological solution as floating offshore wind. Growth in the renewables sector is central to Plenitude's strategy, in line with the company's goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040 and providing decarbonized energy to all its customers”.

According to Carlos Martín, CEO of BlueFloat Energy: “The agreement with Plenitude strengthens our consortium thanks to their solid track-record in developing and executing renewable energy projects, financial strength, and strong technical capabilities, which are highly complementary to BlueFloat Energy’s expertise in offshore wind and Sener’s engineering competences. With Plenitude on board, our projects take a significant step forward while consolidating our leading position in the offshore wind sector in our home market”.

As Miguel Domingo, CEO of Sener Renewable Investments, points out: “The three companies share a clear commitment to implement offshore wind projects in Spain in a sustainable and equitable way, seeking their environmental, social, and economical compatibility and integration at the local and regional level. With Plenitude we reinforce this commitment”.

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