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Plenitude inaugurates a new attraction at Leolandia amusement park to introduce children and their families to the world of electric mobility.

23 May 2024

From Saturday, 18th May, Leolandia will issue the first Scuola Guida Futuro (Future Driving School) driving licences: to earn them, children will need to get on the track and embrace their desire to drive the future. Located in Capriate San Gervasio, near Bergamo, this attraction is the first theme park attraction dedicated to electric mobility in Italy, created by Plenitude through its subsidiary Be Charge.
Scuola Guida Futuro allows children to experience the excitement of driving a mini electric car, introducing them to the world of electric mobility.

But what is the new attraction like? Let’s describe it through the eyes of the children who were the first to test the track last Saturday.
The excitement begins as soon as you arrive at the park, where there are large signs near the entrance point to the area, located near the Thomas & Friends Train and the Golfo del Drago Marino (Marine Dragon Gulf). In the special Electric Street, ten colourful toy cars travel around, perfectly silent. Well, almost silent, because they are equipped with a special driving assistant - a friendly voice that alerts the young drivers when it’s time to refuel. This is the highlight of the experience, as children get to engage with the innovative world of electric mobility and its quiet, emission-free engines. The charging station, a scale replica of the Fast chargers found along roads in Italy and Europe, marked by special signs, becomes the gateway to a world where technology enhances electric mobility. Once the virtual refuelling is complete, without needing to leave their cars, the experience wraps up. Meanwhile, adults - except those who accompany younger children - can enjoy the dedicated area where they can test the Sound Experience, immersing themselves in the world of electric mobility. At the end of the ride, all participants can take a photo and receive the special driving licence via an email provided by their parents, commemorating their first time behind the wheel of an electric car.

The partnership with Plenitude also includes the installation of a Hub with ten charging points within the parking areas, where all Leolandia guests can recharge their electric vehicles. This initiative is part of a multi-year agreement to jointly pursue a path towards making the park even more sustainable.

Scuola Guida Futuro is the result of an innovative edutainment journey that focuses on renewable energy, offering an immersive experience where everything - from the mini electric cars to the surrounding environment and audiovisual content - is designed to deliver a positive message, inspiring dreams of a future that is already possible.
The future of electric mobility - paraphrasing Leolandia’s famous slogan - really does exist, and children will have the opportunity and responsibility to lead it. The welcoming staff explains the best way to do it: “In Electric Street, you will find the charging station, where you can recharge with enthusiasm. Because enthusiasm is the real energy of change.”

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