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The Plenitude Volunteer Project is back

This year it kicked off with the Francesca Rava Foundation


The Plenitude Volunteering Project restarted on 17th November with the first initiative in collaboration with the Rava Foundation: “In farmacia per i bambini”.


The Volunteering Project resumed with the “In farmacia per i bambini” initiative [In Pharmacy for children], now in its eleventh edition, organised by the Francesca Rava NPH Foundation – Italy ETS in partnership with the KPMG Network. The activities were held from 17th to 24th November, in conjunction with World Children’s Rights Day, in over 2,750 participating pharmacies across Italy.

Plenitude volunteers were present in pharmacies to collect medicines, which will be allocated to the children involved in the projects promoted by the Foundation.

This initiative is part of a strategic corporate decision, offering two paid days annually for volunteer work. This commitment includes identifying associations and third-sector entities throughout Italy, whose missions align with the ESGs that Plenitude actively supports.

The company has outlined the activities available for volunteers with each association, ranging from public square events to skills volunteering, leveraging their expertise to aid people in vulnerable situations. 


Associations involved

The project begins with two associations, with plans to include more in the coming weeks.

The Rava Foundation supports children in need in Italy and around the world through long-distance adoptions, projects, child rights awareness activities, and volunteering. It is apolitical, non-denominational, and represents N.P.H. and the St. Luc Foundation of Haiti in Italy.

The other association with which a second initiative is planned in December during the “Pandottone 2023” days is AISM, the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association, which has been dealing in with all aspects related to multiple sclerosis in an organic, structured way for over 50 years. AISM focuses on the rights of people with this condition, healthcare services, and promoting and funding scientific research.


The Plenitude Volunteer Project

Launched in 2018, the Project introduced a day of volunteering, supported by a day of paid leave, as part of its strategy to foster sustainable growth of the communities where Plenitude operates and among the people involved.

The initiative has had numerous subscriptions and in addition to being a gesture of value, it has proved to be an opportunity to get to know non-profit organizations up close while at the same time strengthening teamwork among colleagues.

In response to the enthusiasm and social value, the company has decided to double the days allocated for volunteering in 2024, further enhancing the initiative through collaborations with various associations.

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