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Plenitude: Key ESG results in 2023

02 July 2024

Sustainability: The impact of this value on Plenitude’s business model, in line with its status as a Benefit Corporation, is detailed in the Sustainability Report and Impact Report, published annually alongside the financial statements. The latest report outlines the 2023 framework, showcasing Plenitude’s operations in 16 countries, strengthening a business model that integrates renewable energy production, energy sales and solutions for households and businesses, and an extensive network of electric vehicle charging points. The three business areas - Renewables, Retail and e-mobility - offer services to over 10 million customers. Plenitude aims to reach net-zero emissions by 2040.

What is a Sustainability Report: Listen to the podcast featuring Paola Osto, Head of Sustainability & ESG at Plenitude

«To achieve our goals, we commit every day to integrating sustainability principles into our business model, collaborating with all stakeholders. We build strong, trusting and transparent relationships with our customers, directly involving them to develop solutions that are increasingly in line with their expectations, promoting responsible consumption models and spreading the culture of sustainable energy use, explains Stefano Goberti, CEO of Plenitude.
We place people at the centre of our organisation, investing in training programmes and promoting initiatives for well-being and inclusiveness. We also value our suppliers’ commitment to environmental, social and governance areas, rewarding innovation, continuous improvement and collaboration in the medium to long term».

Plenitude Sustainability Report and Impact Report 2023: Key highlights

The sustainability strategy, integrated into the business model, outlines a business approach focused on sustainable growth and founded on five pillars: Governance, Climate and Emissions, Business Sustainability, People, and Community. For each pillar, the report measures the most relevant sustainability themes for Plenitude and its stakeholders, selected based on a materiality analysis involving over 1,200 stakeholders.

Plenitude’s focus on sustainability is also reflected in the remuneration policies for the Chief Executive Officer and Top Management, linking variable pay to the achievement of specific sustainability goals in environmental, human capital and energy transition areas.
In 2023, the installed capacity for renewable electricity production worldwide grew to 3 GW (+0.8 GW compared to 2022). Of this, 36% comes from wind plants and 64% from photovoltaic plants (including storage). 32% of the installed capacity is located in Italy and 68% abroad (62% in 2022), confirming the internationalisation path initiated in previous years. Similarly, the production of electricity from Plenitude’s plants grew significantly by over 56%, from 2.55 TWh in 2022 to 3,98 TWh in 2023, avoiding the emission of 1,5 million tonnes of CO2 eq.[1] (+27% compared to 2022).

Charging points for e-mobility have also increased. There are 19.000 proprietary charging points installed (as of December 2023, +45% compared to 2022), covering 100% of Italian provinces through the subsidiary Be Charge, establishing Plenitude as a leading operator in the electric vehicle charging services sector in Italy and Europe.

[1] For more information, please refer to Plenitude’s 2023 Sustainability Report and Impact Report (page 146)

Plenitude: a constant and transparent dialogue throughout the value chain

In 2023, Plenitude offered its services to 10,1 million customers, primarily in Italy (81%), but also in France, Greece, the Iberian Peninsula, and Slovenia. Fairness, transparency of the offer and accessibility to services and products are key elements that Plenitude is committed to ensuring in order to maintain high quality standards.

Meanwhile, the digitalisation of services is growing: 80% of new contracts across Europe were signed digitally, and digital billing reached 49%.

The sustainability of the business is also evident in the selection of suppliers. Plenitude monitors and measures the ESG profiles of suppliers at every stage – from selection and qualification to tender procedures, contract management and feedback – aiming to promote the generation of shared and lasting value throughout the supply chain. In 2023, 100% of new suppliers[2] were evaluated based on social criteria.

[2] For Eni Plenitude SpA Società Benefit Headquarters

Supporting local communities

As a Benefit Corporation, Plenitude aims to create shared value for the communities and regions where it operates, inspired by the common benefit goals outlined in its Articles of Association. In 2023, Plenitude supported educational projects promoting efficient energy use, sponsored events to raise awareness of food poverty and electric mobility, and backed non-profit initiatives to combat energy poverty and educational poverty. In 2023, around 3,75 million euros were invested in community support initiatives.

People at the centre

Behind all these numbers is a valuable source of energy: the people who work at Plenitude. As of 31 December 2023, Plenitude employed 2.557 people (+9% compared to 2022), of which 47,7% are women. Plenitude promotes a management model that focuses on the protection and respect of every individual, valuing diversity and worker well-being. This is achieved through a modern corporate welfare plan that prioritises health and safety at work, continuous training and the promotion of a safety culture. In 2023, alongside HSE training, Plenitude provided training in soft skills and other technical skills, totalling 84.706 training hours (an average of 34,5 hours per person).
The 2023 Plenitude Sustainability and Impact Report demonstrates our concrete commitment to achieving our sustainability goals, combining business objectives and social impact with the active involvement of customers and communities.

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