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Impiegati che parlano vicino a un impianto fotovoltaico

The value of a sustainable supply chain

Plenitude launches Supplier Days to stimulate
collaboration and innovation within its supply chain.


Reaching a destination requires everyone to row in the same direction: this implies that everyone is fully aware of the target port and collaboratively charts the course to reach it. Plenitude Supplier Days embody this ethos. The inaugural meeting in September 2023, dedicated to the supply chain in the photovoltaic sector, brought together representatives from leading global companies in the supply of solar panels. These meetings between companies and suppliers have since taken on a significant meaning: sharing plans and growth opportunities in the reference sector while strengthening a shared commitment to propagate the principles and values of sustainable development in the social, environmental, and economic fields along the entire supply chain.

November 16th 2023

Sharing and innovation

Plenitude believes that sharing strategic objectives and the major development pipelines with the market is crucial to building and consolidating long-term supplier relationships that withstand volatile market conditions.

During the event in September, Plenitude presented business plans for the coming years, highlighting how growth ambitions can be met thanks to the support of a robust and dependable supply chain. A supply chain characterised by an unwavering commitment to technological innovation and the ability to put people at the centre, ensuring operational safety and respect for the environment.


Collaboration and Development

Supplier Days, besides being a moment of discussion, is also an opportunity to provide clarity on the criteria and principles that guide the procurement process. Teamwork, operational excellence and innovation, but also transparency, integrity, respect for human rights, and sustainability are all indispensable values. The major players at the table are responsible for promoting these principles in the market and leading their supply chains. In this way, they facilitate awareness along the entire supply chain. To foster this positive process, the Open-es platform has been made available, a useful tool to engage and support supply chains in sustainable growth based on positive reciprocity.

The Plenitude Supplier Days initiative, poised to become a comprehensive format to engage suppliers from various industries, also highlights something else: a supply chain that thrives on horizontal collaboration with a community-based approach rather than vertical command. A supply chain that, just like a smart grid, operates dynamically and intelligently, promoting the highest possible levels of efficiency and a positive impact on the ecosystem. Being part of the same crew brings us all closer to our destination.

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