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Plenitude and the city of culture 2023

City, environment, community.

Plenitude partners with Bergamo, the Italian Capital of Culture 2023.

The journey

Bergamo and Brescia have been chosen as the Italian Capitals of Culture 2023, a recognition that highlights their history and their artistic and cultural heritage. This recognition has led to a series of events and activities, involving public and private stakeholders in the region. Throughout the year, Plenitude has actively participated in this project, with events and installations in the city of Bergamo.


Un vicolo di Bergamo con palazzi e finestre
Un vicolo di Bergamo con palazzi e finestre
Un vicolo di Bergamo con palazzi e finestre

The city of Bergamo, between past, present and future

On 12 April, an exhibition was inaugurated in Bergamo that depicted the city through images of the past and present. This first initiative in the area, promoted by Plenitude, ANCE and the Municipality of Bergamo and curated by Luca Molinari, offered a glimpse into the life and history of the Bergamo community.

The exhibition, which ended on 17 September, attracted visitors from all over the world who were able to connect deeply with a virtuous reality thanks to commitment and conscious choices, even regarding the energy sector.

During European Mobility Week, from 16 to 19 September, Plenitude continued to tell its story and its vision of electric mobility through a Plenitude + Be Charge stand located in Piazza delle Libertà. In line with past events organised in Bergamo, Plenitude discussed sustainability through ‘edutainment’. Visitors could experiment with different interactive technologies at the stand, including a driving simulator, a photo booth, charging stations, virtual reality videos and video games.

The third event involving the city of Bergamo will run from 21 September to 15 October and will feature the installation “Feeling the Energy” at Parco Suardi. Developed for Plenitude by Carlo Ratti Associati in collaboration with architect Italo Rota, the installation consists of over 500 metres of digitally folded antibacterial copper tubing, inspired by plants, and supplied by KME, which absorbs and produces energy.

“Feeling the Energy” was first presented during the Milan Design Week, and is a self-sufficient energy infrastructure, whose resources are continuously reused in a cycle: energy from the sun, wind, and human movement is collected and stored during the day, and is then reused in the evening to illuminate the Botanical Garden. The same mechanism also powers water vaporisers that cool the garden pathways and nourish the surrounding vegetation.

The installation also includes an experiential component with several educational stations, called Energy Carousel, Garden Orchestra, The Leading Logo, Powering Vibrations, Blinds in the Sun and Solar Garden. They explain the sustainable innovations presented and the need for renewable energy at this historic moment.

Further initiatives open to the public include portals that reproduce excerpts from Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, a giant vibraphone that visitors can play, a tunnel of coloured lights and solar panels that people can pass through, activating misting water for coolness.  

The installation will remain at Parco Suardi for approximately 3 weeks and can be visited for free: the park is open every day from 7:00 to 22:00.