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Bambini che giocano.

Energising change

Plenitude and Caritas Italiana unite
against educational poverty.

A valuable future begins with
the conscious decisions of today

In July 2021, we became a Benefit Corporation (Società Benefit), dedicating ourselves to pursuing specific benefit goals for the common good with the aim of positively impacting people, the environment, and the communities where we operate.



to provide more opportunities to those in need.


through our commitment to energy transition.


by investing in projects that promote aggregation and growth.


Inspired by our common benefit goals, we aim to create value in the area also through our non-profit commitment. In particular, in 2022, we backed a major initiative to combat educational poverty, meaning the lack of opportunities for children and young people from socially and economically vulnerable families to learn, experiment, develop and freely flourish in their abilities, talents and aspirations.


10 projects to grow together

Throughout 2022, we supported Caritas Italiana to strengthen efforts against educational poverty, backing 10 projects across Italy, involving approximately 600 young people aged between 10 to 29 from underprivileged communities.

Activities ranged from theatre and video production workshops to emotion management, "inclusive skills" for individuals with disabilities, preparation courses for university entry exams, and much more. Our support facilitated professional internships, strengthening of academic skills, remedial education and the development of social ties through sports and volunteer work.

The goals of the collaboration
The projects we supported have enabled us to make a comprehensive impact throughout the peninsula, contributing concretely to the development of culture and talent, and providing the young participants with opportunities to create a future for themselves and integrate into society, regardless of their economic, physical, or familial circumstances.