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Plenitude at the Opera Festival in Sicily

Energy and urban redevelopment, an immersive nature experience with electronic sounds and underground music.

A girl seen from behind, in the foreground, with her arms raised. She is wearing a yellow shirt, with curly black hair. In the background, a green landscape with many people dressed in summer clothes, some standing and others sitting.

Four days of fun in the Etna Park, with Europe's largest volcano providing a spectacular backdrop to a festival celebrating music, local realities, artisan traditions, Etna's nature and its magical atmospheres.

Plenitude has decided to support the festival with a series of initiatives aimed at urban regeneration and the valorisation of local resources. 

Plenitude has already donated a photovoltaic system to the library in Milo, helping to transform it into a Creative Hub with spaces dedicated to coworking and design to support entrepreneurship. In addition, it installed electric charging stations in the urban area and provided solar generators to power several events during the festival.

Other events

From 8 to 11 August - Plenitude is a partner of Festivalle for the first year. With a selection of established and emerging talents, live performances and experiential formats, the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento sounds to the rhythm of jazz. The energy of music joins the company's commitment as a Benefit Society, generating a positive environmental and social impact in the local communities.
Primavera Sound Festival
Barcelona, from 29 May to 2 June.
Porto, 6 to 8 June
- Plenitude returned to Primavera Sound as Sustainability Partner, helping to power the two festivals in Barcelona and Porto with certified renewable electricity. In 2024 edition, the magical atmosphere of the festival joined the energy of the people thanks to special activations with interactive screens near the stages.