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A Plenitude of Future:
Explore the energy
of tomorrow with
an immersive XR experience


The energy of the (near) future shapes new models that require innovative storytelling methods. Imagine a tomorrow with numerous energy-independent neighbourhoods, each collaborating with the others to produce and exchange electricity from local renewable sources. The homes in these smart districts will also be equipped for energy self-production, optimising the use of resources without compromising comfort, perhaps even enhancing it through the use of new technologies. Businesses, in turn, will also shift towards a new, more mindful and potentially more profitable energy approach. This future could soon become reality thanks to technological progress, although it is not easy to imagine today.

For this reason, "A Plenitude of Future" was created, an immersive XR experience combining augmented and virtual realities to explore the possible future of energy, both renewable and smart, across social, home, and business settings. At the same time, it uses the same technologies that will promote this phygital revolution thanks to an unprecedented convergence between the physical and digital worlds.

This unique experience will be available for first-hand testing on Tuesday, 19th December, the Eni Plenitude Flagship Store in Corso Buenos Aires, Milan. The event, open from 5 PM to 8 PM and featuring players from Olimpia Milano, the basketball team of which Plenitude is the main partner, will showcase how augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) can transform the relationship with energy self-production, self-consumption, and energy management. The exploration will cover three virtual environments: a smart district, a home, and a business, outlining a storytelling method that will soon be available in other Eni Plenitude Flagship Stores.


"A Plenitude of Future": how it works

Wearing an XR headset over their eyes and a virtual watch on their wrist, users will immerse themselves in an experience spanning three distinct environments. They will explore Plenitude's innovative energy solutions designed for everyday life in the near future. The activity also includes a moment of team collaboration, during which participants, assisted by an Energy Tutor and a professional actress, will interact with each other to optimize the energy consumption of a home. Here are the three environments.

• Smart District
This is a reimagined intelligent urban district, drawing inspiration from the Chorus Life project in Bergamo, where every element promotes a conscious approach to energy and community well-being, derived from harnessing the full potential of digital energy. Participants will have the opportunity to understand the unique features of a smart district and Plenitude's role in advancing this model's energy development for the future. They will also immerse themselves in a microgrid to discover the advantages that this model could offer.

• Home
This represents Plenitude's concept for the home of the future, created to offer a taste of possible innovations in artificial intelligence and domestic augmented reality. The design focuses on energy self-sufficiency, encouraging savings and independence. It's a space where individuals are intuitively involved in energy management without having to think about it daily, because they are supported by technology. Users will engage in activities from charging electric cars to smart laundry management, efficiently using energy without sacrificing comfort.

• Business
This segment involves an exclusive tour of a logistics company that uses electric vehicles powered by self-generated energy. This scenario is not far from today's reality, as many of the innovative solutions presented are already products and services that are available on the market (including those by Plenitude) to optimize and promote corporate energy efficiency. Visitors will, among other things, learn about the potential energy savings from LED relamping in business settings and evaluate how self-consumption of energy, thanks to storage, can be best exploited.

The future of energy deserves an innovative language. 'A Plenitude of Future' is a dialogue about tomorrow, seen from up close.

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