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Plenitude returns to The Island Experience Festival

Renewable energy meets music and nature on the island of Pantelleria.

Giochi di luce e movimento durante un festival musicale

The Island, the festival for free, visionary and creative spirits, returns to Pantelleria from 1 to 4 June, offering its guests daytime experiences immersed in nature and special live performances at night in a musical universe, providing a break from everyday routines.


For the second consecutive year, Plenitude is the Sustainability Partner of the event, contributing to its environmental sustainability. Plenitude donated a photovoltaic system to Pantelleria during the previous edition, ensuring the generation of renewable energy beyond the festival. Moreover, Plenitude sponsors three boat parties on sailboats, enabling guests to experience a 360-degree connection with nature.

Other events

C2C Festival
From 2 to 5 November - Plenitude returns to C2C Festival as the Sustainability and Main Partner with the Plenitude Room, specially fitted with a fully renewables-powered laser installation.
Parco Gondar
From 20 July to 3 September - Plenitude was Energy Partner of Parco Gondar 2023, a unique event in the heart of Apulia, dedicated to music, art, and sport, with an eye on more efficient energy solutions.