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Chatbot AI

AI: an impeccable advisor at your fingertips

Introducing the new Plenitude chatbot, which uses artificial intelligence to engage with the customers of today and the ones of tomorrow.

24 June 2024

Artificial intelligence will become increasingly intertwined with the energy sector, finding applications in diverse areas such as customer care and digital energy. Plenitude, consistent with its commitment to research and technological innovation, is focused on integrating new solutions to add value for employees, customers, and partners (read our in-depth article here). One example is the chatbot on the website, which uses artificial intelligence to enhance user interactions and provide more in-depth information than previous-generation software.

From lead generation to customer care

The chatbot has many important tasks. Firstly, it helps customers explore various aspects of choosing an energy profile (currently the Fixa Time offer) and provides accurate answers to the numerous scenarios users present. Providing precise and timely information benefits the company too, as it leads to more satisfied customers, making them less likely to switch providers in the short term.
Another key aspect is the interaction between the user, who asks questions, and the AI, which learns and improves with use, continuously offering new insights and implementing additional functions. In the near future, it won’t just respond but will also act proactively, listening to customer needs and suggesting further solutions.

The potential of AI can extend to other areas as well. In customer care, for instance, the chatbot can become a true assistant, capable of handling diverse requests, providing immediate responses when possible, or forwarding the message to an operator. This will make customer support more precise and efficient, benefiting both the customer and the company by optimising processing times and internal expertise.

The generative AI-powered chatbot debuted at Plenitude as a pilot project in April 2024, when it was implemented on the page for the Fixa Time offer ( for a randomised sample of about 10% of the traffic. The main goal during this phase was to test the AI’s response accuracy and its empathy towards customers. After successfully passing this test, the chatbot will be extended to all users of the page and subsequently rolled out to other sections of the site dedicated to commercial offers.

Our test

But how does Plenitude’s new AI chatbot work? We wanted to be among the ten thousand users who tested it during the first two months of the pilot project. We decided to put it to the test, not just with generic questions but also with specific queries.
For example, the chatbot explained what happens after the first 12 months of the fixed-rate period and clarified the difference between single-rate and two-rate plans. The main advantage over previous chatbots is its ability to tackle complex problems, simulate consumption scenarios relevant to customer queries, and help customers understand the factors that influence retail prices.
We even tried to provoke it: “Which film won the Palme d’Or in 2024?” The response was polite but brief: “I’m sorry, but I can only assist with topics related to the Fixa Time offer. Can I help you with information about the offer?” We persisted, “I’m more interested in cinema.” Again, it replied, “I’m sorry, but I can only assist with topics related to the Fixa Time offer. Can I help you with information about the offer?” A repeated sentence that speaks louder than any further explanations. In short, even AIs, when provoked, know how to stand their ground (while maintaining their customary composure, of course).

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