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8th March, together for a society without barriers and discrimination


Plenitude is committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination. For International Women’s Day, we carry this message forward and bring it to life with initiatives to raise awareness and encourage everyone to play a part day to day. 

March 8th 2024


Combatting all forms of discrimination is everyone’s responsibility. Every day, millions of women around the world fight to ensure their rights are respected. Their experiences are tales of persistence and bravery, but also of smaller, daily gestures. For International Women’s Day, Plenitude amplifies this vital message through tangible examples.

Educating ourselves and the new generations on the importance of respect and inclusion is a first step towards change. Plenitude, its team, partners, and clients all embrace diversity and inclusion, celebrating uniqueness in every form. For this reason, on 8th March, Plenitude has organized many internal and external initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the struggle for gender equality.

The initiatives kick off on 7th March with a live-streamed internal event, hosted by a special narrator of remarkable women’s stories: Gabriella Greison, a Nuclear Physicist from Milan, acclaimed writer and theatre performer. Gabriella brings deeply moving stories to the stage, using the lives of 20th-century physicists and scientists as a metaphor to talk about progress, collaboration, inclusivity, evolution, strength, personal motivation, female empowerment, and diversity.


Society needs all talents, regardless of gender

Marie Curie, Lise Meitner, Emmy Noether, Rosalind Franklin, Hedy Lamarr and Mileva Marić were all pioneering women of science in an era dominated by men, who managed to overcome prejudices and adversities to assert themselves and make fundamental contributions to scientific progress.

From chemistry to physics, from mathematics to crystallography, their stories of failures and triumphs, set against the backdrop of wars and revolutions, aren’t just about major discoveries but also about women’s recognition and liberation. Gabriella brings their nearly forgotten stories to life to challenge stereotypes. Her communication efforts are also a commitment not to give up on the right to equal opportunities. We spoke with the author on the side-lines of the event.


  • Gabriella, let’s start with the story of these 6 women and scientists: how much energy went into their scientific breakthroughs?

    Each of their breakthroughs consumed a great deal of energy. However, as it often happens with great minds, their energy was self-produced, with no external input, making the system entirely sustainable. These 6 women had an inner fire. Their passion for their chosen fields was the spark that made them soar. All 6 followed different paths, but they went beyond the effort that was asked of them. They fuelled their inner fire with scholarly pursuits, unwavering dedication to their work, resolute determination and courage. All ingredients that set you on the path to realising your full potential.
  • And how much was needed to overcome the prejudices of the time?

    Overcoming prejudices proved to be the most daunting task for all of them. Prejudices demotivate you, cripple your work and sap your strength. Nevertheless, they persisted, each at her own pace, some with a steady stride, some slower, and some emerged somewhat battered from the experience. Not all of them were permitted to fully pursue their potential in physics, hence our role today in sharing those stories, fostering a new awareness that empowers us to do the things we dream of and to become what we want to become. 
  • Let’s examine an emotion at the heart of the gender gap: the fear of not being credible. You’ve overcome this fear in your role as an educator and storyteller. How did you accomplish this, and what was your inspiration?

    The fear of not being seen as credible is quite an unusual feeling. It arises from certain references, perhaps on television, that have habitually presented us with a different picture, leaving us feeling unprepared and misplaced when facing similar situations in real life. I believe this fear is one of the most challenging factors to overcome, in any field. Yes, I’ve overcome it. I’ve had the fortune of being surrounded by people who have encouraged me ‘to continue’ or reassured me that I was ‘on the right path’ right from the start. And so, I immediately began to follow their advice, setting aside all the rest. My motto for moving forward today is: do not stay where you cannot flourish.


Together with Olimpia, we’re actively opposing gender-based violence

Plenitude’s commitment doesn’t stop here. Sport is one of the drivers of change in society because it speaks directly to many different people. On International Women’s Day, in collaboration with the Olimpia Milano basketball team, we want to make an additional statement against injustice. During a Euroleague match at the Forum di Assago, the players will support an initiative to raise awareness about the issue of gender violence, taking advantage of sport to create greater awareness of discrimination.


Gender equality is an everyday challenge

Plenitude promotes change from within. For some time now, the company has been on a path to enhance gender equality, working towards a balance in women’s representation and equal pay.
Currently, Plenitude has reached 47.7% female representation and is targeting a perfect gender balance by 2025. The company is also committed to ensuring 40% of its management team are women in Italy and abroad, through various internal and external initiatives that promote women’s empowerment. 

Across sports, innovation, and the broader society of today, a new awareness is emerging. It’s a journey where companies can make a difference by bringing about change that stands the test of time.

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