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The boy on a skateboard

Sun on a skateboard

Urban regeneration rides the board too: Plenitude brings skateboarding to Senstation Summer in Milan.

03 July 2024

First invented in the 1950s between San Diego and Santa Monica as a pastime for surfers seeking city waves, skateboarding quickly expanded beyond California to become a global phenomenon. Since Tokyo 2020, it has been officially included in the Olympic program, and at Paris 2024, the best athletes in the world will compete at La Concorde. This is significant recognition for a sport that started on sidewalks (originally known as sidewalk surfing) and has evolved into a lifestyle, an urban culture that combines creativity, freedom and friendship.

The benefits of skateboarding go well beyond the physical. It helps develop balance, coordination, and strength, but also boosts self-esteem, resilience, and social skills. It’s an inclusive activity, open to all ages and abilities, fostering relationships and empowering young people, as noted by World Skate, the international governing body for roller sports ( Additionally, skateboarding is a naturally low-emission activity, requiring no internal combustion engines and encouraging the use of existing urban spaces.

These positive aspects can be explored up close at the Senstation Summer Milano. Plenitude will enhance the event by engaging the urban sports community and using solar panels to bring even more energy to the Milanese summer.

From 13 June to 14 July, Plenitude participates in this innovative format designed to give continuity to the Senstation project. Last winter, the “On Ice” version transformed Piazza Duca D’Aosta, in front of Milan’s Central Station, into an attractive destination rather than just a transit area. One of the main aims of this event is to give back such an important space to the citizens. This aligns with Plenitude’s goal of positively impacting the entire community by creating value for families, children and people of all ages who pass through the square daily.

The Plenitude skate park

During Senstation Summer 2024, Plenitude will create a skate park dedicated to the urban skater community that has developed over the years in Piazza Duca D’Aosta, and to everyone who practices their tricks daily in non-equipped urban settings. The structure has been designed with input from skaters who train there regularly and will actively participate in teaching techniques and values. The area will also host a series of lessons to introduce the sport to young people and anyone who wants to try skateboarding. Various skate schools such as SkateMi, Snowave, Heaven Boards, and Fit Surf will participate with their students and instructors. Those joining the lessons will be provided with a skateboard, helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.

Sport and energy transition at Senstation Summer

Plenitude’s commitment to the energy transition will be evident in this event through two tangible actions. The company will provide certified electricity via European-origin guarantees, sourced from 100% renewable energy plants. Additionally, a temporary photovoltaic system will be installed to help power the lighting for the entire village. Senstation Summer offers more than just a skate park, it’s a space to enjoy all day and night with a broad variety of activities: from the FIGC’s Casa Azzurri, where you can follow the European Championships, to spaces dedicated to relaxation and dining. A place where the sun will be a source of energy in many different ways.

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