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Plenitude House: a house full of energy on TikTok

On Plenitude’s TikTok channel, energy goes viral. The debut on the platform coincided with Sanremo '24, marking the launch of the Plenitude House format.

05 July 2024

6 content creators, one house, many creative challenges and a single message: energy can be fun. This is Plenitude House, a project on Plenitude's TikTok channel that has brought energy awareness to the heart of Gen Z’s favourite platform, transforming a complex topic into an engaging experience.

Ginevra Panci, Christian Paparini, Gaia Maggio, Chiara Galletti, Beatrice Macconi and Step Piccolo are the 6 TikTokers recruited for the first season, bringing a combined total of 3.4 million followers. They stepped into the Plenitude House, a special home where, with their irreverent and authentic style, they demonstrated how to live more consciously with energy.

Plenitude, EY + M&C Saatchi and Zelo teamed up to create this project, which naturally fits on TikTok, the platform for entertainment and viral trends. Every day, the creators faced different challenges, from learning how to use appliances more consciously to creative tasks like redesigning a “circular” outfit and testing their knowledge of renewable energy sources. Through vlogs, challenges, interviews with experts and behind-the-scenes content, they shared not only their experiences in the house but also raised awareness among Plenitude's TikTok followers about actions they can take to reduce their environmental impact.

Plenitude on TikTok, a new way to talk about energy

Plenitude launched on TikTok in early 2024, introducing a fresh and innovative way to discuss the world of energy. This approach focuses on people, combining entertainment with education. Aware of TikTok's influence on contemporary digital culture, with over 20 million active users in Italy and more than 1.5 billion worldwide, the platform offers a unique opportunity to reach a specific audience - primarily young people aged 18 to 24 - who are otherwise difficult to engage.

Plenitude’s launch on TikTok coincided with Sanremo ‘24, during which the brand adapted the popular “vox pop” format to focus on energy and music themes. Plenitude collaborated with various talents, including Martina Socrate, creating exclusive content that reached over 16 million views. Plenitude House further strengthened this communication strategy, showcasing the tangible value of Plenitude's offerings, with creators acting as key voices and amplifiers of change.

The house that captured Gen Z's attention made a significant impact, proving that the energy transition can become a trending topic. The story continues with the new edition of Plenitude House, featuring six new content creators - Leoucifero, Aida, Stefano Cirillo, Dana, Benedetta Miarelli, and Nicola Carta - who will compete on energy themes. They will follow the successful format of the first edition, but with new features and challenges.

On a platform driven by challenges, this is the ultimate test: giving voice to the energy transition from a fresh perspective.

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