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Plenitude awarded
Best Growth Brand 2024


The award, now in its ninth edition, recognises brands’ economic success, emotional and experiential reach based on a study involving 5,000 customers. This year, Plenitude topped the rankings as the highest-growth brand. The achievement was further cemented by Plenitude’s high placement in the TOP40 Most Valuable Italian Brands 2024 ranking by Kantar BrandZ.

April 09th 2024

We have energy to change” is the motto that guides Plenitude on its journey towards a just energy transition. Change means growth, which is why we are honoured to be the Best Growth Brand 2024 for Best Brands. This the first time an energy company receives the prize in the award’s nine-year history.

Best Brands ranks top brands active in Italy, in collaboration with GfK and Serviceplan Group. Sponsors of the award include high-profile institutions such as UPA (the Association of Italian major advertisers) and supporters including Rai Pubblicità, 24 ORE System, IGPDecaux, ADC Group and Community. The process integrates market success and brand appeal from the consumer’s perspective, using a sophisticated algorithm to analyse consumer feedback. The survey, carried out by NIQ GfK, compared key economic indicators against the views of 5,000 consumers.

Plenitude achieved first place in the Best Growth Brand category, as the brand that has recorded the most significant year-on-year growth both in objective terms (market share growth in value) and emotional terms (brand relationship growth). The award was presented on 20th of March at the RAI studios in Via Mecenate, Milan, to Paolo Contenti, Head of Branding and Communication at Plenitude.

  Consumer connection is integral to Plenitude’s approach and influences its communication initiatives. How is that connection built?
“Our mission is to be the best ally for people and businesses navigating the challenges of the energy transition. This means contributing to raising awareness of the energy world and providing customised solutions every day for more efficient energy usage. This award shows that consumers notice and appreciate our dedication.”

Plenitude is the first company in the energy sector to receive this award. Is it more complex to establish an energy brand? How did you tackle this challenge?
“There’s no question that the energy sector, particularly today, is one of the most complex to operate in, marked by a variety of factors and intense competition. Discussing energy and sustainability is a delicate matter, and we always need to keep in mind the commitment we make to our consumers and the values that guide our actions. In today’s world, companies play a crucial role in the communities they operate in: to offer solutions that facilitate and to some extent inspire change. This influenced our decision to become a Benefit Company.”

-  To be protagonists of change, it’s necessary to continuously value a company’s technological, cultural, and human assets. What challenges lie ahead for Plenitude?
“The challenge is to grow according to our business model, which is integrated and embraces three worlds: the production of energy from renewable sources, the sale of energy and energy solutions to families and businesses, and electric mobility. By 2027 we aim to reach 11.5 million customers across Europe, exceed 8 GW of installed renewable capacity, and strengthen our role in electric mobility by reaching 40,000 charging points.

To do this, we place immense value on each customer and constant innovation, with new realities now emerging like energy communities. which are not just a new approach to energy production and management but a hub of value that interacts with the entire community. At the heart of our strategy is the understanding that change starts from within. That’s why, for example, we apply the same passion and attention to the many Diversity & Inclusion initiatives aimed at all our employees and collaborators.”

Paolo Contenti echoed these thoughts from the Best Brands stage, extending special thanks to all the Plenitude team members whose efforts contributed to this achievement. Importantly, this is not a final milestone, but rather an encouragement for the company to continue evolving and growing every day.

Plenitude rises in Kantar BrandZ’s TOP40 Most Valuable Italian Brands 2024 list

Plenitude’s growth in value and brand relationships is confirmed by the latest edition of the TOP40 Most Valuable Italian Brands 2024, a ranking compiled by Kantar BrandZ that rewards the most valuable brands in Italy. This year, Plenitude ranked 12th, making it the best new entry on the list.

Similar to the Best Brands award, Kantar BrandZ stands out for its unique and objective methodology, combining in-depth consumer market research with rigorous financial analysis.

“Less than two years old, Plenitude has made a big leap, landing in this year’s Top 40 list, driven by transformative shifts in the utilities sector and a successful rebranding campaign,” the report claims. Two key factors stand out. The brand’s communications (“Plenitude was launched using a distinctive language and tone of voice in its communications activities, leveraging engaging physical and digital experiences to tell a powerful story”) and its distinctiveness (“The brand is seen as distinctly different from its competitors - with a Difference Index score of 121 compared to the average of 100 - and is considered a leading brand that contributes to improving people’s lives.”).

These elements were also emphasised by Paolo Contenti during his speech at the award ceremony, where he emphasised Plenitude’s distinctive business model and focus on concrete communication projects aimed at fostering a culture of efficient energy use, fully aligned with the values of a Benefit Company.

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