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Plenitude Insieme wins in the Platform Category at the 2023/24 Promotion Awards

The innovative loyalty program was recognised for its ability to engage and reward customers, with a special mention in the “Rewards Catalogue” category.

19 June 2024

Creating an ongoing dialogue, building a relationship based on trust and shared values and offering a rewards catalogue that ranges from simple items to unique experiences: these are the goals of an increasingly inclusive marketing aimed at creating a customer-centric ecosystem that goes beyond the concept of customer experience. These elements, according to Promotion Magazine, have allowed Plenitude Insieme to win the Platform award.
The program, launched at the end of 2022 by Plenitude, was recognised in this category at the 2024 Promotion Awards, a key event in the Italian relational marketing landscape for over thirty years, organised by Promotion Magazine, which covers loyalty processes, customer experience and data-driven marketing. This recognition, along with the special mention for the “Rewards Catalogue”, highlights Plenitude’s marketing strategy aimed not only at customer loyalty but also at creating a system of shared values, aptly summarised by the claim: “Together, we make a difference.”

Plenitude Insieme: much more than a loyalty program

The Best Platform award recognises Plenitude Insieme’s ability to transcend the traditional loyalty program concept, turning it into an experience that leverages both engagement and significant distributed value, making it truly rewarding for customers. The engagement is continuous: unlike the classic points catalogue, the accumulated rewards are not spent but rather build up, gradually unlocking new benefits and opportunities.

There are 3 levels designed to reward loyalty to Plenitude and active participation: Explorer, Partner and Expert. Entry to the initial level is based on the length of time spent with Plenitude, and points can continue to be accumulated in various ways, from choosing new solutions to participating in special educational initiatives. Each upgrade grants access to all the rewards of the current level and those of the previous ones. Additionally, there is at least one monthly contest with prizes ranging from physical and digital items to unforgettable experiences. The term “Insieme” (Together) also takes shape in the Plenitude user community, where members can act together to make a positive impact on the social context. A simple gesture, like a click, can activate Plenitude’s support for solidarity initiatives presented on the portal. “Together, we make a difference” - this is the message that emerges, both in the energy transition and in the social and community context.

Persona che ricarica la macchina

“We are proud to receive this award,” explains Maria Serena Onorato, Head of Loyalty at Plenitude, “because it recognises our loyalty program, particularly for its rich content, innovation and the variety of its offerings. Plenitude’s mission, as a Benefit Corporation, is to be the best ally for people in the challenge of the energy transition and to have a positive impact on communities. Through our loyalty program, as well as in all our activities, we encourage customers to take actions that promote virtuous behaviours, such as offering them the opportunity to purchase more energy-efficient products or participate in quizzes and tips that encourage reflection on sustainable actions.”

Plenitude Insieme: the results

With over 500,000 members by the end of 2023 and an interaction rate exceeding 90%, Plenitude Insieme has established itself as a true ecosystem of benefits, experiences and opportunities for those who join the program. The Rewards Catalogue, which received a special mention, highlights our commitment to offering a selection of highly appealing products and brands that cater to diverse needs and desires. The offerings range from information to entertainment, from technology to publishing and from beauty to food and wine.

The goal, once again, is to create interaction and continuous dialogue. The world of energy thus becomes an opportunity for a moment of leisure in everyday life, while also encouraging a more conscious approach to energy use in daily activities, as demonstrated by the 180,000 members who have participated in the proposed actions.

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