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Wind Power

Simeri Crichi Wind Power

Details of the wind power plant

The wind farm for the production of electricity called ‘Parco Eolico di Simeri Crichi’ is located in the municipality of Simeri Crichi (CZ).

The area covered by the plant is located south-east of the municipality of Catanzaro in the direction of the Simeri Mare conurbation at an average altitude of 170 m above sea level. 

The plant consists of 11 Senvion MM92 2.05 MW wind turbines with a hub height of 100 m and a rotor diameter of 92.5 m, for a total nominal wind farm capacity of 22.55 MW.

The plant is connected via a HV connection to the electrical substation built in the municipality of Catanzaro, near the existing HV electrical station from which the connection to the NTG is made.

Plant power

22,55 MW


11 towers installed

In operation since

07 april 2017

Company owner

Dynamica Srl

EPC Contractor

Eni Plenitude Technical Services 


Eni Plenitude Technical Services